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Die Fondsmanufaktur®- the fund manufactory

We have a clear view: A fund manager unable to explain her/his investment strategy is not likely to have one. In other words:  if she/he cannot outline the underlying investment process it probably does not exist.


All our funds are managed with a clear strategical concept, accurately applied by our portfolio managers and accessible at any moment in time. As a consequence, all buy and sell decisions are model-consistent and are executed with utmost precision, like in a manufactory. Style consistency is not only a promise. We are ready to prove this at any time.


The following pages exclusively address professional investors and financial advisors classified under the 4. EU-Directive (2004/39/EC) as professional market participants who are not subject to any restriction, eg nationality, jurisdiction or domicile regarding their holdings.


Fidecum - die Fondsmanufaktur®

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